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How To Measure The Penis

How to Measure the Penis

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Measuring the girth of a penis


To measure penis girth (true thickness) properly you will need a flexible measuring tape, like the ones used for sewing and making clothes. Simply measure around the penis at the middle of the penis shaft with this tape measure to obtain your girth measurement (thinking of a clock you would measure 12 o’clock to 12 o’clock).



Measuring the length of a penis

Measuring penis lengtha

Penis length can be measured with a normal ruler from the base at the pubic region to the tip of the glans (head of the penis). You can either rest the ruler lightly at the base and this is called non bone pressed erect length, in short form: NBPEL. You can also push the ruler in firmly it in so it presses against the pubic bone – this is called bone pressed erect length, in short form: BPEL.

You should actually do both measurements to get an accurate figure of your length. Most men will decide to state to others his bone pressed erect length (BPEL) because obviously his penis size will seem bigger, however what a women or other partner will see is simply the portion of the penis that rests outside of the body, the non bone pressed erect length (NBPEL). Hence you should know both measurements for your own knowledge. The penis sizes to compare with on the Jes Extender before and after results page are for non bone pressed erect length measurements (NBPEL).

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