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Jes Extender Standard


Mid-Range Performance Package


Jes Extender Standard Features


Penis Enlargement

The Jes Extender Standard penis enlarger is a great mid-entry choice for men wanting to promote increased penis size in the medium range of approximately 30% in length and 20% in girth* to see what that means for your current starting size click here. This package can promote current penis size to a maximum penis extension of up to 8 inches (20.3cm)*. For example, if you are currently 6 inches in length, Jes Extender Standard can encourage a maximum penis growth of 2 inches. Want more overall results? Consider our most popular package the Jes Extender Titanium or our most comprehensive package, the Jes Extender Gold Ultimate. To see some of our happy customer’s before and after results click here.

Penile Curvature

Many of our customers have been referred to Jes Extender by Doctor’s and Urologists as a first try option to assist penile curvature* before undergoing expensive injections or surgery which have left some men with up to 3 inches less penile length, after healing from the corrective surgical procedure. If intending to use Jes Extender for medical purposes, please consult your healthcare provider.

Medical Grade Quality

Jes Extender Standard is made to top medical grade quality specifications. Each component is hand assembled to precise specifications to ensure optimal performance and results. Jes Extender is scientifically designed and made to work in the most optimal range in accordance to four main design specifications such as; quality, safety, performance and reliable results.

Optimal Tension For Optimal Growth

Jes Extender Standard uses the clinically proven optimal tension to ensure you get the safest and most effective results possible.

180 Day Manufacturer Guarantee

The Jes Extender Standard comes with a full 180 day manufacturer’s performance guarantee. If you use as directed, you are literally guaranteed to get results, or your money back!

Before and After Refund Offer – Now On

For a strictly limited number of units we are again offering a full refund to participants. Provide us with your before and after pictures once you’ve achieved your desired results and you’ll get a full refund and get to keep your Jes Extender!

Jes Extender Standard packages come backed with an extended 2 year local warranty. Should anything need to be replaced under warranty there will never be any downtime issues and never any need to wait weeks for parts to arrive from overseas. We always stock a full range of spare parts and post from within Australia. Should anything need replacing simply send us a picture and your replacement part will be in the mail, at no charge.

We offer local 24/7 expert support. Our customers are never connected to third party auto response “support” from overseas. We take pride with providing Australian service and support and guarantee to help and advise you at anytime you need it. Our customer support staff have hands on experience with successfully using Jes Extender.

Jes Extender Before and After Offer



Are You BIG ENOUGH For Jes Extender?


PLEASE NOTE: Your soft penis when fully stretched, or erect penis measurement should be at least 2 to 3 inches (5 to 7.5cm) or more, to use Jes Extender Standard. If smaller, our customised spare part #35 needs to be ordered separately. Visit our minimum requirements page here.



Jes Extender – The Original Penile Traction Device


Jes Extender is the original penile traction device first released in 1994. There is a well proven OPTIMAL traction range that was discovered in penile traction therapy (PTT) clinical testing. The Jes Extender (Australian Edition) is specifically designed to apply traction within that optimal range.


Penile Traction Therapy (Enlargement Or Straightening)

Beware of low quality imitations and companies. Using within the
optimal tension range for PTT, is vital to the best results possible. Using at correct tension allows the fastest penis growth AND penile straightening to occur. We ONLY supply genuine Jes Extender products that apply the optimal level of traction within medically proven specifications. This ensures our users promote safe, effective and lasting results when using Jes Extender for penile traction therapy.



jes extender standard picture

Jes Extender Standard Package – Recommended for Medium Penis Enlargement Results – Maximum Extension 8 Inches – CLICK TO ENLARGE

PLEASE NOTE: Jes Extender currently unavailable in Australia. To check out another Australian based product please visit: Penimaster Pro Australia.



The original Jes Extender penis enlarger used in clinical studies and trials. The average penis length increase was approx 30% and 20% in penis girth (thickness) within 4 months*. Maximum penis extension capability up to 8 inches (20.3cm)*. Jes Extender is only used when soft/flaccid. Penis growth is promoted in both flaccid and erect states. 2 year Australian warranty.


Jes Extender Standard Pictures

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Jes Extender Standard Penis Enlarger image Jes-Extender-Standard-Penis-Enlarger image Jes Extender Standard Penis Enlarger (2) image
Jes Extender Standard Penis Enlarger image Jes Extender Standard Penis Enlarger (5) image Jes Extender Standard Penis Enlarger (6) image



Further information

A penile traction device equivalent to the one above was used in the approval process of Jes Extender. As such, all expected penis enlargement results on this site are based on the Standard package. However, since then further developed and refined packages have become available such as the Jes Extender Titanium and the most comprehensive penis enlargement package the Jes Extender Gold.



Need phone, text or email assistance?

Jes Extender 24 Hour Customer Support

If you would like after sales support simply contact us by email, text or phone 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.



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