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Penis Extender Noose & Comfort Strap

Penis Extender Noose Vs Comfort Strap

Welcome to the penis extender noose vs comfort strap blog. In this article we explore the pro’s and con’s of various penis extender fastening methods and we hope to shed some light on much of the misinformation out there that gets spread by companies selling non certified products.


Penis Extender with Traditional Silicone Band Noose


Jes Extender Gold penis enlarger noose style image

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This was the original style of silicone band that was used in clinical studies and trials almost 20 years ago. Many of the imitations and fakes that have come out since the release of Jes Extender in 1994 have come out with massive disinformation campaigns aimed at throwing negative light on the traditional silicone noose. Let us investigate the reason why so many men actually fall for the hype out there that aims to discredit this original style of penis extender fastening system.

Main claim:

“It cuts off circulation due to less surface area”.

In reality:

Please read the full explanation below to form your own conclusion.


If the traditional penis extender noose design did not work effectively, it would not have been invented with the original Jes Extender device in 1994, and it would not continue to be included as an option in our packages. The issue of “cutting off the circulation” arises when new users simply do not have the experience to know exactly how to use this system correctly. When first getting used to a penis extender there is usually a phase (usually a few days) of “getting used to it”. It is the same when we learn anything new, it takes a little while until we fully know what we are doing and we learn the best through experience.

If a new user fastens the traditional silicone band too tightly and especially without adequate protection/padding, there will certainly be a point where using becomes unreasonable and a short break will be needed. However, on the other end of the user spectrum, the advanced penis extender user, many will swear by the traditional noose as the “best way to fasten the penis under higher tension”. We as both sellers and users of Jes Extender, agree with this assessment completely.

Generally, we recommend the traditional penis extender silicone noose to be used by intermediate to advanced users (users who have gone through and completed the beginning stages of relatively low tension use of around 900 grams) who are starting to use at the higher tensions of around 900 – 1200 grams. During the beginning stages of use, the newer design ultra comfort strap fastening system is advised. All of our packages include both noose and comfort strap styles, and the Jes Extender Gold Ultimate package contains an extra attachment in addition to these which is more recommended to use while resting or sleeping. Next, we will explore the use of the newer ultra comfort strap.


Penis Extender with Modern Ultra Comfort Strap


Click for enlarged picture

Click for enlarged picture

Next, we have the more modern ultra comfort strap. This design of strap is most highly suited to beginner or intermediate users of the Jes Extender. The strap is larger and therefore more evenly distributes the force of the band making it more comfortable to use the penile traction device. This is mainly an issue for newer users that have not completed the preliminary beginner stages of conditioning the penis (the “getting used to it” stage). It certainly adds to the degree of comfort when using a penis extender but these styles of strap have been found lacking by more experienced users of Jes Extender who wear the device at the progressive and optimal tensions of around 1200 to 1500 grams.


Various “Infinite” & “58 in 1” Fastening Gimmicks


Among the imitations and fakes out there, many constantly try to “out do” the original Jes Extender traction device by way of many marketing and advertising ploys such as various “58 in 1” fastening gimmicks. As soon as an experienced penis extender user reviews these, he will quickly come to the conclusion of what we’ve just stated above – they are nothing more than a marketing and advertising gimmick designed to try and “trick” the unsuspecting consumer into believing the product is somehow “better” – all the while the main product itself may not even certified or approved by any legitimate health and safety authority.

Essentially, with these type of products they boast that you can “customise” it to get a perfect fit for your penis. That is good to say in theory and it does appeal to a lot of men who do not know otherwise, but in reality it’s nonsense. The advertising of these marketing ploys show two or more fastening systems in use at once. For instance, they will show that the noose and comfort strap can be used at the same time, or perhaps even two comfort straps in use at the same time – which again, is utter nonsense to any experienced penis extender user.

The reason these fastening gimmicks are not effective, we will attempt to prove to you with an experiment:

We’d like you (if you have the privacy to do so) to make a ring/circle with your thumb and index/pointer finger (the OK sign) and place it firmly around the midway point of your penis shaft (it does not matter if you are hard or soft at this stage). You want to be squeezing your penis shaft with your fingers making a firm ring around the shaft then slowly pull the penis out from your body, essentially give it a good stretch. Doing this you will see it is only possible at very low effort to pull the shaft without the ring (your fingers aka a makeshift fastening system)  wanting to slip from it’s position. Usually the point where it stops or “grabs hold of” will be just behind the “ridge” of the penis head.

Interestingly, just behind the penis head is exactly where any one type of support system can and should be used, namely the silicone noose or ultra comfort strap will fasten at this point, using the ridge and entire head of the penis as a sort of anchor point. If you are following, you will quickly see that to attempt to fasten any type of support to the actual main shaft of the penis i.e. to use a silicone noose or comfort strap at the same time – is utterly impractical and useless.


If you fall for the hype of these gimmicks and the non certified products that get bundled with them, you will still only find one practical way to use it. That is, you will still end up having to use just a silicone band, or just one comfort strap. This we state from experience as well as many reports that confirm exactly the same thing.


Jes Extender Gold Ultimate Custom Velcro Attachment


#23 Custom Velcro Support $59.95

#23 Custom Velcro Support $59.95


The Jes Extender custom velcro attachment takes it to the next level of versatility (in actual reality) in comparison to the traditional silicone noose and ultra comfort strap systems. Unlike the other two systems that have their pro’s and con’s for users of different levels of experience, it is possible to use the custom velcro attachment at throughout any stage of use beginner, intermediate or advanced. It is suitable for any safe and medically endorsed tension level which is officially between 600 to 1500 grams – any tension used higher than this does not speed up results and only puts the user at risk of no to slow growth due to an over-stressing of the penile tissue which then “stiffen up” in response. The custom velcro attachment is also the main fastening system we recommend to use if wanting to use while resting or sleeping. Currently this fastening system is only included with the Jes Extender Gold Ultimate package but can be purchased separately.


Penis Extender Noose Vs Comfort Strap Summary


Penis Extender with Traditional Noose Silicone Band

In this section we reviewed why you should not believe all the hype out there that puts a negative spin on the original silicone noose. Quickly we come to realise that if this band is preferred by a lot of more experienced users who user at higher levels of tension (1200-1500 grams) then it’s easy to see through the marketing techniques of those who talk down this type of system.  They are clearly aiming for the new and (most of the time) uninformed man looking to purchase a penis extender. Seeing through the hype, it certainly has it’s place in any penis extender tool kit and that’s why we include it with all of our packages as an option the user can experiment with for himself.

Penis Extender with Modern Ultra Comfort Strap

Here we’ve reviewed what level of user the comfort strap is most suited which is mainly for newer users. This is because these styles of strap have more of a surface area to disperse the tension over. However, they do not seem to have there place in many of the advanced users “toolboxes”. The reason being, because the traditional silicone noose (when using with proper protection/comfort components) has the ability to “hold” the penis better when using at higher tensions.

Various “Infinite” & “58 in 1” Fastening Gimmicks

In summary of this section we can state that those who promote these systems are aiming for the “low hanging fruit” type of consumer, namely the new or unsuspecting man who has little knowledge of a penis extender and how to effectively use one. They aim to appeal to, and confuse the consumer with misleading claims of being able to find the “perfect fit” when in reality they will still end up using one type fastening method which is no different from the way the traditional noose or comfort strap is used. In simple terms, most men who fall for this hype will pay for something they can never use or get full benefit from because the entire concept is erroneous and not founded in the real world of physical use.

We advise for any men interested in these cleverly marketed gimmicks to do some background research on the main products being sold with them. Specifically, we advise to seek the health and safety certification of the product – to prove it’s been legitimately tested and approved. If the company or seller can not provide you with a genuine certificate of approval it means the product itself and the gimmick fastening system has never actually been tested, certified or approved for safe use by a human. This also means the product in effect is being illegally advertised. Once this is realised, the various marketing and clever advertising methods of these products is no longer able to “rope one in”. Knowledge is power.

Jes Extender Gold Ultimate Custom Velcro Attachment

Here we learnt about the the custom velcro attachment which is only included in the Jes Extender Gold Ultimate package but can also be purchased separately. This type of fastening system is the most easily used for all users of Jes Extender, namely beginner, intermediate or advanced users. It is also the main fastening system advised to use when resting or sleeping.



For those that have read the above will now realise there is a lot of misleading information out there in regards to penile traction fastening systems. The more enlightened man will also now come to realise that the different fastening methods have their place when using a penis extender so to outright shun and put down one particular method only to raise another is not giving the full story.

Jes Extender’s design is based in the real world – in reality. After all it is the first ever, originally designed and medically tested penis extender invented in 1994. Our devices and components actually get tested on real human beings in real medical trials before getting released for public sale and use. As such we include the main two fastening methods to fasten the penis with all of our packages. For those who want the full range of real world options we can also supply (additional cost) the custom velcro attachment which is normally only included with Jes Extender Gold Ultimate.


Further Information:

For video demonstrations of how the Jes Extender works to enlarge the penis and how it’s used please visit our Jes Extender video page.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us. Please see our other blog articles that may be of interest to you.

For more information on Jes Extender Standard, Titanium or Gold Ultimate packages please visit our package information page.



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