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Jes Extender Penis Enlargement Information



Jes Extender – The Original Penile Traction Therapy Device


Unlike poor quality imitations, with Jes Extender there’s no minimum amount you have to use. However the more dedicated you can be, the more it will help promote the penis growth you desire. Once you have used and obtained your desired penis size, there is no need to keep using. All packages come with a manufacturer’s money back guarantee*.

If you want to know how Jes Extender works, skip down by clicking here: Explanation of how Jes Extender works.



 Jes Extender – Genuine Product – Real Results


Jes Extender works based on a proven scientific principle called penile traction therapy (PTT). PTT has shown to assist men in other area of male enhancement, not only with penis enlargement.

The medical team who designed and developed Jes Extender in 1994, found that only a very narrow range of tension works to help promote the most optimal penis enlargement. This is why Jes Extender works in the comfortable and medically safe range between 900 to 1500 grams. Beware of the cheaply made imitations that operate with unsafe, high amounts of tension.



Beware of Fake Products Like Pills


In most cases we hear about, men look for the “easy way out” and think they can just pop some “magic pill”. If a pill could somehow make a body part bigger, gyms would be put out of business overnight. Popping pills to get a bigger is not how the body works, it’s simply impossible. Even with steroids, bodybuilders still have to do the work. Responsibility has to be taken by the men who buy these non approved products. They simply believed the hype without looking into whether the product was actually proven or approved.


Explanation of How Jes Extender Works


Jes Extender applies a very precise, yet comfortable amount of tension to the penis shaft using a proven scientific principle called traction which helps promote the body to react and adapt to the applied traction. The penis is made up of soft tissue, ligaments and smooth muscle tissue. It is not like a regular muscle. The way Jes Extender works to promote new penis growth, is based on traction, a sound scientific methods that has proven to be successful within many areas of health, and for decades.

What it feels like – Beginner users – first 2 to 4 weeks

We’d like to reassure you that at no time is the process painful. The main feeling when first wearing at around 900 grams of tension, is only a slight stretch to the main ligament in the penis which is called the suspensory ligament. This is the same ligament that gets cut in penis lengthening surgery. After the penis is more used to the process (for at least 2 weeks) you can start wearing at higher (but still comfortable) tensions of around 1200 grams.

Intermediate Users – After 1 Month Use

The tension being applied can be monitored at all times by viewing the tension indicators on the adjustment rods and is easily fine tuned by simply screwing the rods in or out with your fingers. During this time of moderate tension the penis chambers which are called the corpora cavernosa start to get start to get targeted and new cell growth can be promoted. These chambers are what directly determines a man’s penis thickness or in other words the circumference or girth of the penis.

Advanced Users – After 2 months Use

In the more advanced stages of using Jes Extender, the tensions between 1200 and 1500 grams can be constantly used (1500 grams is the third tension indicator on the device). From our vast experience and from numerous testing and feedback attempting to go beyond 1500 grams tension can cause somewhat of an overload to the penis, and penis growth can come to a plateau or very slow growth process until a break period is taken and less tension is again used.


penile traction optimal tension

Graph based on BJUI mulit-national clinical trial data showing optimal tension range of 900 to 1500 grams. Tensions above 1500 grams has shown to slow or stop penile growth altogether,while also increasing chances of injury and side effects.


Important note: if you have ever read about products boasting better results by using medically unsafe amounts of tension in the region of 2000 + grams be very cautious because it’s obvious the product has not been scientifically or medical tested on a living human being.

Click the following link for a more videos and information on how Jes Extender works.



Jes Extender’s Results are Based On Scientific Evidence


Jes Extender is hand-made with the highest quality parts and is fine tuned to help promote the best results possible. While it may sound a little technical, using Jes Extender is actually very easy.

For video demonstrations of how the Jes Extender promotes enlarging the penis and how it’s used please visit our Jes Extender video page.



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