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Penis Enlargement


Penis Enlargement Information

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Penis Enlargement? 9 Out of 10 Men Say Yes!


What honest man doesn’t want a bigger penis? Penis Enlargement is something most men have thought about at some stage in their life. There are many penis enhancement products that claim to increase penis length and thickness. However, most products do not have genuine approvals or certifications to back the claims. In fact, they don’t even supply proof they are safe to use. They may have fancy websites and product packaging but it means nothing if the product has not been tested or has been legally approved. On the other hand there are proven products like Jes Extender and other known penis enlargement methods such as phalloplasty which is also known as penis enlargement surgery.

To give you an idea of the penis enlargement results Jes Extender can promote, visit our Jes Extender Before and After Results page.



Jes Extender Penis Enlargement


Jes Extender sets itself apart from any other penis enhancement product. Firstly, it’s hand-made with the highest quality medical grade materials. Each product is then hand assembled, fine tuned and tested by a world renowned medical company in Denmark. This manufacturing process as well as being able to prove it’s effectiveness based on medical documentation and testing is why it’s registered under the Australian Therapeutic Goods (TGA). In fact, Jes Extender is the only penis enlargement product that has been genuinely registered with the Australian TGA. Jes Extender is a genuine medical grade penile traction therapy  (PTT) device. In numerous studies PTT has been shown to support many penis enhancement purposes areas such as; penis enlargement, penis curvature correction and  erection quality*.

It is important to note, if using penile traction therapy a very specific and precise amount of traction should be used to encourage the most effective penis growth possible. The most proven and optimal range is between 900 to 1500 grams, anything outside of this can introduce slow penis growth or potentially unwanted side effects.


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Jes Extender is the only product that’s been able to obtain genuine Australian TGA registration (197042) for the purpose of penis enlargement.


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Penis Enlargement Surgery


Phalloplasty or penis enlargement surgery can involve various techniques to enlarge the penis and all carry their own results and each come with different potential risks and side effects. One of the most common surgery techniques to increase penis length is performed making a cut in the suspensory ligament. This technique allows more of the internal penis to rest outside of the body giving the appearance of a longer flaccid penis.


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Surgical Procedure – Penis Enlargement Lengthening – Cutting Suspensory Ligament


Interestingly, the Jes Extender also encourages a longer penis by slowly stretching the suspensory ligament (same ligament cut in many surgical procedures).

There are also other surgical techniques to increase the the thickness of the penile shaft, which can involve dermal fat grafts or fat injections. These can be taken from areas such as the abdomen or buttocks and it is considered that some procedures can give better aesthetically please results over others.

It is important to note the cost these procedures can carry (over $5,000) as well as the possible risks involved, which unfortunately can even mean death in extreme cases. Click to read the following recent news article: Man dies after fat injection goes wrong.



Penis Enlargement Pills


So called penis enlargement pills and male enhancement supplements are widely known in the penis enlargement industry as the biggest scam of them all.

Simply put, if any form of pill could enlarge the penis it would be patented as a medicine and Doctor’s would be prescribing them instead of surgery. Biologically the body grows due to the programming of our genes or in reaction to external stimuli i.e weights or other forms of conditioning.

Ask any website selling male enhancement pills as a penis enlargement product, for some form of genuine proof such as trials and testing data or if they have any approvals. They will not be able to provide any proof their product is genuine.


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All pills sold for penis enlargement are a scam



Penis Pumps for Penis Enlargement


Perhaps the second most well known falsity when it comes to penis enlargement is penis pumps. The misinformation we refer to relate to both the air and water type. Penis pumps were designed for men who have erection quality issues and for those who have been diagnosed with Erectile Dysfunction. The treatment usually consists of using the penis pump for a few minutes prior to sexual activity  to create a negative vacuum around the penis which draws blood into the penile chambers, thus creating an artificially produced erection. A restrictive ring is then place around the base of the penis to keep the blood trapped in the penis.

When using a penis pump for prolonged periods it can start to drawn in lymphatic fluid underneath the skin which causes a temporary swelling. This swelling falsely causes some men to believe the pump is enlarging their penis. However after a few hours the swelling subsides and their penis is no “bigger” than it was originally.

Some last important warnings about overusing penis pumps is they have been shown to actually impair the body’s ability to maintain a healthy erection. A bit ironic when you consider they are normally used by men who can not obtain a normal erection due to impotence. Other risk factors can involve burst blood vessels and permanent scarring of the skin which can leave dark patches of skin compared to the rest of the penis.


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Penis Pumps Are Used For Erectile Dysfunction





Jes Extender is the only genuine Australian TGA registered product for purpose of penis enlargement (197042). While surgery has been proven to work for decades, each procedure comes with a large cost and serious potential risks and possible side effects. All male enhancement pills that are marketed for penis enlargement are pure hype with nothing to back the claims. Penis pumps can at best only provide temporary results but also carry with them the possibility of unwanted side effects.



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* Disclaimer: While many customers report being able to see positive results within the first week of use, results can vary between individuals based on how much our products are used. A regular routine (i.e 1hr per day, 3 to 5 days per week) should be undertaken to see similar results. Once your desired results have been achieved, simply stop using the product. All products we supply are 100% authentic and are covered by a full 180 day manufacturer’s 200% refund guarantee.