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Jes Extender Detailed Questions and Answers



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Q: Is Jes Extender comparable to penis enlargement surgery?

A: Both methods work very differently to assist enlargement of the penis. The difference when using Jes Extender is there’s no pain, or associated possible side effects of surgery. There is also no down time of your usual activities for healing. Another important factor is price, the top of the line package is only $499.95. Penis enlargement surgery or phalloplasty can cost more than $8000, about 16 times more.



Q: Will the Jes Extender standard penis enlarger offer the same results as the Gold package?

A: This depends on how long you use for and your overall goal. The standard package has a maximum extension capability of 8 inches. The Jes Extender Gold penis enlarger has a maximum penis extension capability of 10 inches and also comes with extra components suited for longer term usage. When ordering the less advanced packages most men decide to upgrade later. Upgrading is fine, but it is better value to get the right package from the the start.

The Jes Extender Gold Ultimate Penis Enlarger package is specially designed for men who are willing to use the package to it’s full potential and those that want to achieve the largess possible penis growth Jes Extender can promote.



Q: What’s the best Jes Extender package?

A: This depends on your personal goal. If you want to use for a short period to assist in gaining a noticeable amount of penis growth you could consider the Jes Extender standard package. If you know you are dedicated to achieve a good amount of results (and want a fantastic fight case to store the package in) you could consider the Jes Extender Titanium package. If you’d like to use while sleeping and/or want the best penile enhancement results Jes Extender can offer, you simply can’t go past the Jes Extender Gold Ultimate package.



Q: Can you recommend a good penis size to aim for?

A: It’s really something you need to decide. Some men that are less than average would be very happy to grow to an average penis size which is approx. 6 inches in length, 5 inches in circumference. In our experience, most women would consider a penis size of 7 inches in length and 5.5 inches in girth to be above average to large. A penis size of 8 inches in length and 6 inches in girth to be very large.



Further Information

For video demonstrations of how the Jes Extender assists to enlarge the penis and how it’s used please visit our Jes Extender video page.

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