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Jes Extender Penis Enlargement Homepage

Jes Extender™ Penis Enlargement. Resources and factual information about penis enlargement and the Jes Extender penis traction device.

Penis Enlargement Information

Penis enlargement is something most Australian men have thought about. We consider the most common misconceptions, products and methods for penis enlargement.

Penis Extender and Penile Traction Devices

Penis extender informational page. Detailed information for Australian men explaining the difference between penis extenders, penis stretchers and penile traction devices.

Penile Traction Clinical Studies and Trials

April 10, 2019. The importance of knowing there is major difference between cheap low quality gimmicks and a genuine penile traction device is paramount when it comes to producing safe and reliable results. Here we list no less than 10 penile traction studies and trials and resources that prove the effectiveness of penile traction therapy when applying the optimal tension which induces natural cellular division and growth.

Penile Traction Optimal Tension Chart

Bar graph depicting the optimal tension levels for penis growth when using a penile traction device (900 to 1500 grams). Clinical data taken from multi-national BJUI studies. Not shown in this graph is the optimal tension range for effective penile curvature reduction which is 900 to 1200 grams.

How Jes Extender Works

Videos and information about how Jes Extender works. Learn how it promotes penis enlargement and assists with penis curvature and erectile dysfunction.

Penis Enlargement Surgery in Australia

Penis Enlargement Surgery in Australia is also know as Phalloplasty, penoplasty or penis augmentation. Learn about the surgical procedures for penis enlargement, their associated risks and cost.

Sitemap and Navigation

Jes Extender penis enlargement sitemap and navigation page. Resources and information about Jes Extender and penis enlargement.

Penis Enlargement Methods and Options

Choosing the right penis enlargement product can be a daunting task without previous knowledge of what truly works. Learn the facts here.

Jes Extender Information

Jes Extender is the only penis enlarger with Australian TGA registration that men can use for penis enlargement and to assist with penis curvature.

Penis Enlargement Pills and Tablets

Information on penis enlargement pills, tablets and male enhancement supplements. Can pills give men penis growth or are they fake supplements that do nothing?



Debunking Penis Enlargement Myths – Master Class


Perhaps you’ve heard some product claims such as:

  • “X” product will increase circulation to the penis to make it bigger (pills)
  • “X” product will make micro tears to the penis to make it bigger (pumps)
  • “X” product will stretch the penis to make it bigger (imitation extenders)

The honest truth is, all such claims are nonsense. They are not based in science or fact. Below we apply simple reason and logic to debunk the hype and misleading information of products falsely being sold for penis enlargement.


Magic “Penis Enlargement” Pills

They’d have to be magic if they worked, but they don’t. Firstly and very easy to understand is, if popping pills and increasing circulation to the penis could make it bigger, viagra would be sold for penis enlargement. It’s the best pill in the word for increased circulation, but increased circulation can not make the penis grow. Not to mention the potential side effects of medications or other so called “male enhancement” pills, many of which contain toxic ingredients not printed on the label. Lastly, while there may be some decent all natural pills that can give better erections or increase sex drive etc. it’s important to note that pills are an ongoing cost and there’s no long term results.

Penis Pumps

Next we consider the ridiculous claim that using a penis pump to make “micro tears” can enlarge the penis. Again, this is pure nonsense. The companies that hype up pumps with such claims clearly have no idea of penile shaft biology, or they are simply using the analogy of lifting weights (which does actually cause micro tears) because many know this is how an actual muscle works under stress. However using this pinch of truth and applying it to how pumps work via vacuum, is purely false. Have you ever seen or heard of a bodybuilder putting his arms or legs into a giant vacuum machine to grow bigger? We didn’t think so, it’s simply not how human growth biology works.

Muscle Anatomy vs Penis Anatomy

Contrary to popular belief the penis is not a muscle. It is mainly made up of spongy tissue and ligaments so to enlarge the penis a very precise method is required. Making “micro tears” to penile tissues will not make the penis grow, it will do nothing less than potentially damage the penis, and in extreme cases may even cause penis curvature due to internal scarring resulting from healing the tearing of tissue causing by the negative vacuum pressure.

Temporary Swelling

Pumps are designed for men that can’t gain normal erections. When overused (over 3min of use) a process starts to occur where clear lymphatic fluid builds up under the penile skin causing puffiness and swelling. The swelling normally subsides after 1 to 2 hours. Overusing pumps on a healthy penis can cause bruising, red spots, scarring, burst blood vessels and weak erections. In recent years there has been hype about water or hydro pumps, however there is no real difference between an air or water vacuum. To create the proper suction, when using a water pump pubic hair must constantly be shaved and further, it can only be used in the bath or shower. Even after those hassles, the only result at best will be temporary swelling.


Imitation Penis Stretchers

Jes Extender is the original penis extender and first penile traction device ever made. First released in 1994 there has since been copy-cat attempts and imitations that can only be classed as a penis stretcher rather than true penis enlarger. The main problems with these grey market fakes is the very low quality materials, lack of scientific design, non existent medical trials or real approvals and improper tension calibration. A very precise amount of tension is required for effective penis enlargement, which we explore next.


How Jes Extender Works

Jes Extender functions in the tried, tested and well proven optimal tension range to do three main things. Firstly, there is a gentle warm up period which is very important for good overall end results. Secondly, it will apply just enough tension to comfortably and fully stretch the penis to its maximum. Thirdly, it will apply an optimal tension, while the penis is fully stretched to induce and trigger cellular multiplication. This penis growth is not only in length but also girth. The intermediate and third phase proper, will be entered into after about 1 month of regular use, however many of our customers report noticing a definite difference well before then.

Vital Importance of Optimal Tension

In the above simple explanation of how Jes Extender works, we do not describe any need for intentionally injuring or creating “micro tears”, and it’s not simply about stretching the penis either. If too much tension is used, the penis will actually grow slower and finally come to a stop or plateau. If this happens anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks time off is sometimes needed before resuming use at a more appropriate tension level. 1500 grams is the utmost amount of tension that should ever be applied unless the penis girth is beyond 7 inches. To see what a genuine 7 inch penis looks like click here. Again, unless you are packing something like that, there is absolutely no need to use beyond 1500 grams and in fact as explained above it’s detrimental to progress. With Jes Extender, there is a 3 level tension indicator that allows you to see and adjust tension in real-time. simply use according to the easy to follow directions and slowly progress for the first month until comfortable enough to progress to the next tension level. We are always available 24/7 for help and advice.

For those that took the time to read the above, we hope you learnt something in our Debunking Penis Enlargement Myths Master Class. For a very limited amount of units and for our Master Class participants, we are offering a 10% discount voucher code (that’s up to $50 off) on any package. Once checkout is completed simply contact us and quote the code “Debunked10” and we’ll process the discount by way of a 10% reversal.


Jes Extender penis enlarger


Jes Extender Penis Enlargement Packages


Jes Extender Light

Maximum penis extension capability of this package is 7 inches. 1 year Australian warranty.

Jes Extender Standard

Maximum penis extension capability of this package is 8 inches. 2 year Australian warranty.

Jes Extender Titanium

Maximum penis extension capability of this package is 10 inches. Includes extra components. Aluminium storage case. 3 year Australian warranty.

Jes Extender Gold

Maximum penis extension capability of this package is 10 inches. Highest quality, designed for dedicated users wanting maximum Penis Enlargement results. Plated in 24k Gold. Suitable to use while sleeping. Includes 7 extra components and a high quality wooden mahogany storage box. Includes special member’s only access. Lifetime Australian warranty. Free Express Post.

Jes Extender Penis Enlarger Comparison Chart

We have penis enlargement packages to suit Australian men of all ages and budgets. View our Jes Extender Penis Enlarger comparison chart here (opens in a new tab).



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