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Medical Professional’s FAQ


Welcome to the medical professional’s frequently asked questions and information page. This FAQ page is for Doctor’s, Urologists and other specialists in the medical community that are seeking more information about Jes Extender. Especially interested may be those in the medical field that are aware of penile traction therapy (PTT) and the enormous potential benefits such a therapy can offer patients by using a pain free and non invasive alternative to operations such as; phalloplasty, penile augmentation surgery and penoplasty for the purpose of penis enlargement as well as being a alternative try-first option to corrective surgery for sufferer’s of penile curvature.

To learn more about Jes Extender for the purposes of penis enlargement click here. To learn more about how penile traction may assist with penis curvature click here.

Below are the most commonly asked questions we receive from medical professionals. Please contact us if your question is not addressed here.



Q: Is Jes Extender suitable for use by men who have had surgical operations of the bladder or prostate?

A: Jes Extender can be used for penile traction therapy (PTT). PTT studies have demonstrated the technique may be used to support various post surgical applications. We generally only recommend using PTT once a patient has recovered and healed from an operation, or at least to the point of being pain free. Due to penile shortening and retraction in many cases after such surgical procedures, the Jes Extender may assist them to regain their original penis size (and possibly more), if they are willing to use the device on a regular basis. Ultimately we would advise that you as a professional consider whether Jes Extender is suitable to be used by your patient, while considering the specific procedure and patient’s history.



Q: Are you able to supply a sample of the product so we can display it to our patients to see if they are interested in Jes Extender as an alternative to surgery?

A: Yes. Please contact us to arrange confirmation of your credentials and to provide the postal address of where you’d like the display unit sent to.



Q: Our practice is considering to supply your products, can we refer our patients to you for specialised help and support?

A: For any support issues, absolutely. Simply direct your patients to our website or give them our contact number. For supply enquiries, please note that Jes Extender is currently undergoing preparation for new registration with the TGA and can not be supplied for the time being.



Q: Can Jes Extender work in conjunction with penis enlargement surgery, will it offer my patients better results?

A: Yes it may assist in helping to improve the end results of penile enlargement surgery however this is something you as a physician would have to officially recommend. Even though surgical procedures such as penis augmentation and phalloplasty are designed solely for the purposes of enlarging the penis, there is usually a process of slight retraction that occurs during and after the healing period, this is where Jes Extender may potentially assist with improving the end results of surgery.



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