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Information on male sexual issues, including topics related to physical and mental health.



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My below average penis made me feel insecure – now it’s grown 1.5 inches in a few months

May 23, 2022. “Kevin says the successful penis extender, Jes Extender, has helped him feel so much more confident and has taken away his insecurities about his manhood”.

FIFO Workers and Tradies Driving WA’s Penis Enlargement Boom

July 15, 2021. Cashed-up West Aussie tradies and FIFO workers are driving a boom in penis augmentation, spending up to $20,000 to add a few inches, according to a top cosmetic surgeon.

Man Broke His Penis Vertically When It ‘Buckled’ During Sex

July 2, 2021. A British man broke his penis vertically when it buckled during sex. Doctors reported that the man is the first known case to have damaged his penis this way during sex.

Greta Thunberg mocks climate change deniers by citing ‘penis shrinking’ research

March 26, 2021. In this article Greta tries appealing to men by citing study findings that most should be interested in. Dr Swan, the leading researcher in the study, thinks chemicals are to blame both for the reduction in sperm count and also for men being born with smaller penises, as compared to some years ago.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Latest News

June 28, 2019. Latest penis enlargement surgery news from around the world. While most men are unhappy with the outcomes of penis enlargement surgery (>80%), many may not realise the associated risks of surgical intervention. Here we explore and consider some of the more serious negative effects of surgery.

Penile Traction Clinical Studies and Trials

April 10, 2019. The importance of knowing there is major difference between cheap low quality gimmicks and a genuine penile traction device is paramount when it comes to producing safe and reliable results. Here we list no less than 10 penile traction studies and trials and resources that prove the effectiveness of penile traction therapy when applying the optimal tension which induces natural cellular division and growth.

Scientists Are Claiming That Plastic Is Shrinking Male Genitals

July 26, 2018. According to two Melbourne-based scientists, plastics are causing genital defects in new born baby boys, and resulting in smaller penises. Related: Penis Size.

Penis Extender Spare Parts and Accessories

Browse through our complete range of Jes Extender spare parts and accessories. With specially made custom parts now available, we are proud to offer our customers unparalleled levels of comfort and versatility. Be sure to check out our new custom spare parts; 31, 32, 33, 35 and 36.

Penile Traction Optimal Tension Chart

Bar graph depicting the optimal tension levels for penis growth when using a penile traction device (900 to 1500 grams). Clinical data taken from multi-national BJUI studies. Not shown in this graph is the optimal tension range for effective penile curvature reduction which is 900 to 1200 grams.

Jes Extender

In this Jes Extender article we explore a general description of the Jes Extender penis traction device and the importance of genuinely approved products.

Penis Enlargement

Penis Enlargement information that covers some of the pit falls in this area of male enhancement, like wasting time with non approved products such as pills, tablets and pumps.

Peyronie’s Disease Information

In this Peyronie’s disease information article we explore Peyronie’s diagnosis, causes, effects and surgical procedures for Peyronie’s disease treatment including plication, grafting, penile prosthesis and implants. We also discuss a non invasive treatments like Jes Extender for penile traction therapy (PTT).

Penis Enlargement Surgery In Australia

Here we explore penis enlargement surgery procedures such as phalloplasty, penoplasty, penis enlargement injections and silicone implants. Each surgical procedure comes with it’s own risks and rewards. We hope this information can help Australian men who may be considering surgical penile lengthening or widening.

Penis Extender and Penile Traction Devices

Penis extender informational page. Detailed information for Australian men explaining penis extenders, penis stretchers and penile traction devices and how they are different.

Penis Enlargement Pills and Tablets

Information on penis enlargement pills, tablets and male enhancement supplements. Can pills give men penis growth or are they fake products that do nothing?

Erectile Dysfunction

In this article about Erectile dysfunction we explore which men are most likely to get the condition and possible lifestyle changes they could make to help with erection problems and impotence.

Erection Problems

In this article we research the most highly considered factors of what causes erection problems in Australian men. We also explore some natural ways to help improve erection quality.

Penis Size

In this article very explore how important penis size really is to both males and females, and why. Can we overcome having a small penis on a mental or physical level? What is the average Australian male penis size?

Jes Extender Penis Enlarger Comparison Chart

We have Jes Extender packages to suit Australian men of all ages and budgets. View our Penis Enlarger comparison chart here (opens in a new tab).

Jes Extender Review

In this Jes Extender review we discuss how biased most review sites are and to take information from those sites very cautiously as they try to steer the reader to go for the choice that will get the reviewer paid the most. We also discuss the main features and accreditation’s of Jes Extender should anybody wish to do their own honest review or comparison. The importance of ordering from authorised suppliers to ensure delivery of authentic products is also reviewed.

Penis Extender Noose Vs Comfort Strap

In this penis extender noose vs comfort strap comparison, we shed some light on much of the misinformation that is being used to fool unsuspecting men into believing the traditional noose is outdated and that higher tension is “better” for faster penis growth. In fact, we explore deeper into the companies and products who make these claims in order to try and “trick” men into believing their products are superior, although the very products they sell are not even certified by any legitimate health and safety standard. We aim to clear up the confusion for new and interested users of the penis extender traction device, the original of course being the Jes Extender. We also go through the various fastening systems used and to what level of user they are most suited to.

How Jes Extender Works

Jes Extender is the only certified and proven product in Australia used for a wide variety of penis enhancement purposes. Using Jes Extender may help with; penis enlargement, penile curvature and erection quality. We discuss and show videos of how Jes Extender is used and how it works to help with the above areas of male enhancement.

How to Measure the Penis

In this blog article we explore the different ways in which men can measure their penis. We also explain the correct way to measure penis length and penis girth.

Micropenis Treatments, Causes and Information

In this article we discuss exactly what Micropenis is, and if there are any suitable treatments that you may consider to help increase your penis size if you have this medical condition.

Jes Extender vs Imitations

Jes Extender is the first penis enlarger ever manufactured. It was originally invented in 1994 by a world renowned medical company in Denmark and later patented in 1995. The following is a technical explanation as to why you should be very careful about considering imitation penis enlargers also know as penis stretchers. Many imitation products use dangerous amounts of tension that can cause side effects and slow penis growth.



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