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Tried, Tested and True Penis Enlargement

Jes Extender (AU Spec) is for Men who are serious about getting the only legally proven and available product in Australia. First designed in 1994, Jes Extender has now been used by over 750,000 men to increase penis size. Regular use can ADD REAL INCHES TO PENIS LENGTH AND THICKNESS within a few months – without the need to keep using once you achieve desired results.

Jes Extender can be used while at home, at work, and even while sleeping! Numerous medical and scientific studies* show the method Jes Extender uses is the only proven way for a man to enlarge the penis, unless he chooses to opt for a surgical enlargement procedure.

Special AU Spec Design For Optimal Penis Growth

Jes Extender (AU Spec) is scientifically designed to apply the most optimal level of tension to the penis. Proper and correct tension levels ensure penis enlargement is promoted naturally, and with lasting results. This means there is no need to keep using once the desired results in penis growth are achieved. All packages we offer come with a manufacturer 180 day 200% money back guarantee*.

Increased Penis Length and Thickness

Jes Extender promotes penis enlargement in penis length and thickness using a method called penile traction therapy (PTT). This proven penile enhancement method has also shown in clinical testing to support other areas of male physical and sexual enhancement such as penile straightening and erection quality.


Penile Traction Therapy (Enlargement Or Straightening)

Unlike poorly made and designed imitations, Jes Extender (AU Spec) uses the most optimal tension range for PTT, and is vital to the best penis enhancement results. Using at correct tension promotes the fastest penis growth AND penile straightening to occur. We ONLY supply genuine Jes Extender products that apply the optimal level of traction within medically proven specifications. This ensures our users promote safe, effective and lasting results when using Jes Extender for penile traction therapy.

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Jes Extender Penile Traction Device


Jes Extender is the original penile traction device first released in 1994. There is a well proven OPTIMAL traction range that was discovered in penile traction therapy (PTT) clinical testing. The Jes Extender (Australian Edition) is specifically designed to apply traction within that optimal range.


Genuine Penis Enlargement Product


Obtaining Government Health registration for penis enlargement is extremely difficult. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is the Australian Government health department that assess and reviews health products for registration before they are listed and approved to be sold to the public. Jes Extender is the only penis enlargement product legally available in Australia.

Precision Design For Optimal Results

Jes Extender is a scientifically designed penis enlarger that promotes natural penis growth by using the most optimal tension range to encourage the body’s ability to grow with natural cell division. View the official Jes Extender Australian TGA Certificate here.

Packages, Pictures and Videos

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We have 4 penis extender packages to suit men of all ages and also offer payment plans. To compare our penis enlargement packages on sale click here. All orders are processed securely, with full tracking, and posted 100% discreetly.




Jes Extender Advantages:



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Our Direct Customers Enjoy:


  • 4 Package Options To Choose From
  • No Hidden Fees or Ongoing Charges
  • 100% Authentic, High Quality Products
  • Discreetly Billed as a “Paypal” Purchase
  • No Canned Responses, Expert 24/7 Support
  • Bonus Detailed User Guides To Boost Results
  • Only Official Australian Supplier – Local Stock
  • Exclusive Money Back Before & After Pic Offer
  • 2 and 4 week payment plans from just $86.25 p/w
  • Best Price Guarantee – Up To 30 Days After Purchase*

* Best Price Guarantee: Our direct customers can rest assured of getting an authentic, ultra high quality product at the best price. Guaranteed up to 30 days after purchase by way of refunding the difference, plus we’ll send $30 worth of bonuses for free. Conditions: 1) Any price to be matched must be from an authorised supplier and products must be authentic. 2) Any international currency prices (U.S, EURO or Pounds etc.) should be converted to our local Australian dollar using before contacting us.



Jes Extender AU Spec Design, Simply The Best!


High Performance Penis Enhancement

Quality, precision and effectiveness are integrated into the scientific design of Jes Extender to promote optimal penis enhancement results that will last. There is no need to keep using once the desired penis growth has been achieved.

Only Legal Product In Australia!

The Australian TGA requires all Australian registered medical devices to be manufactured according to internationally recognised standards for quality, safety and performance. This is why we feel the Jes Extender penis enlarger can be considered the #1 choice for men who don’t want potentially risky surgical procedures such as penis enlargement surgery. Jes Extender is currently the only legally available penis extender for Australian men.

Official Australian Suppliers

As the only official Jes Extender suppliers in Australia we guarantee to supply 100% authentic products (beware of fakes and imitations). All packages are sent from within Australia and include local warranty, support and a full 6 month manufacturer’s refund guarantee.



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