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Wholesale Jes Extender


Become an Australian Jes Extender Supplier


If you’re interested to join our distribution team and become a Jes Extender wholesaler or supplier to start selling the world’s most effective and trusted penis enhancement product range, please read below.

To speed up the approval process and obtain our official wholesale price list please include the answers to the questions below:

1. How do you plan to sell Jes Extender i.e. online or in a retail shop? Please give more details if possible. For example, do you have or are you planning to develop a website or do you currently work in a retail outlet?

2. Do you have future marketing avenues you want to expand into? For example, another shop or website?

3. Do you have any previous customer service experience?

4. Will you be willing to abide by a recommended retail pricing structure?

5. Will you be willing to display and maintain a professional level of customer service for anyone who may inquire or seek to purchase Jes Extender from you?

6. Do you wish to sell all available products or only particular products?

Please note you are not required to answer all of these questions but they will generally be asked by our wholesale department in reply to wholesale questions or pricing.

Please contact us by email at:


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