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Below we discuss exactly what Micropenis is, and if there are any suitable treatments that you may be able to consider to help increase your penis size if you have the condition.


Micropenis, what is it?

Micropenis, also known as mircophallus, is the term used to indicate a medically diagnosed condition of being born with an abnormally small penis size.


Indications of Micropenis

The following indications and general guidelines will help you determine if you could be medically considered to have Micropenis:

  • If your penis size when fully stretched, is 2.5 standard deviations below the average penis size for your age.
  •  2.5 standard deviations below the average penis size for a fully grown male adult, indicates any penis size smaller than approximately 3.0 inches in length.
  • In infants, a Micropenis is classed as a penis that is less than 0.75 inches in length. This is considered significantly smaller than the usual average male newborn’s penis, which is generally between 1.1 and 1.6 inches in length when gently fully stretched.

In very basic terms, you may have Micropenis if your fully stretched flaccid (soft) penis size is 3 inches or less. The fully stretched flaccid penis also very closely relates to the erect penis size, therefore any fully grown adult male with an erection less than 3 inches in length could also possibly be diagnosed with the condition of Micropenis. Click the following link (blue text ) if you are unsure on how to measure the penis properly.

It is generally believed that while this medical condition is not widely known or discussed, as many as 1 out of every 200 men are born with the condition.



Causes of MicroPenis

Micropenis is generally believed to be caused by the penis of a male baby’s penis failing to increase in length after the first trimester of pregnancy. Most indications point to a hormonal issue to be responsible for the condition. Most notably it is generally accepted in the medical community that the cause is specifically due to insufficient levels of testosterone, a male sex hormone.

Low levels of testosterone may be a result of inadequate testosterone production in the mother’s body during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. There are also indications pointing to the possibility of the unborn child not responding to the produced testosterone if they are adequate.

Further possible causes of Micropenis are considerable based on research carried out by Japanese scientists which have had their findings published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. Their research found that genetic mutations of the SRD5A2 gene can also cause Micropenis.

In addition to the above possible causes while male baby’s are in utero, exposure to some estrogen based fertility drugs like diethylstilbestrol (DES) has been successfully linked to genital abnormalities as well as smaller than normal penis.

Moreover, there is even further research that indicates genital malformations, such as Microphallus in newborn males may at least, in part be linked to environmental chemicals such as pesticides which are commonly found in our food supply. The best way to avoid this possible cause is to eat pesticide free, organic foods including meat, dairy, vegetables and fruits. It is extremely hard to avoid these poisons which are already in most town water and air but taking as many precautions as possible is highly recommended for those who are in or considering pregnancy who would rather remain on the side of caution until more substantial and widely recognized research has been done.


Micropenis Treatments

While the two main medical treatments for Micro penis have been known to have some success, their results can vary very significantly for patients undergoing them. Further to this, there are many indications that some of the procedures can have serious and long term side effects so caution must be taken with deep consideration before undergoing any of the below treatments for Micropenis.

Historical records indicate that in years past, gender reassignment was recommended by the medical community for males born with the condition. Essentially this means that medical professionals advised parents to bring up and treat their genetically male children as females. This at times, also included cosmetic surgery of the genitals to physically reassign an infant’s gender from male to female. This advice, is no longer widely being given by those in the medical profession.

One of main and current accepted forms of treatment for Micropenis is testosterone replacement which is a form of specialized hormonal therapy. When administered at the correct times and usually before the patient has completed puberty, this has been shown to give the adequate penile length increase to bring the patient closer to or within the generally accepted average penis size for an adult male.

Another form and current treatment for Micropenis is phalloplasty surgery. This surgical treatment can involve using skin from the patient’s forearm or other area of the body. The skin is then wrapped around the penis while an inflatable penile prosthesis is inserted to allow the patient to achieve erection.


Penile Traction Therapy for Micropenis Treatment

A generally less known about (but in our opinion, a highly recommended) option for those seeking treatment of Micropenis, is Penile Traction Therapy. Using the scientific and medically proven principle of traction, man indeed help men of all ages to promote increased penis size*.

Using Penile Traction Therapy to possibly help with a condition such as Micropenis would take a lot of dedication see significant results. In most cases it would also involve seeking custom parts as most penile traction device brands do not cater for users under a certain starting size. This website offers a custom spare part #35 which makes using a traction device much easier for those with smaller starting sizes. For anyone wishing to use traction for a treatment of a medical condition, we advise to discuss our treatment options with a qualified healthcare professional.

Please note:

There is a minimum requirement for those wishing to use Jes Extender for penis enlargement purposes. A minimum stretched flaccid (soft) penis size of 2 inches or 5 cm is normally required to successfully use the device. If unsure whether or not you can use Jes Extender please contact us as we’ll be able to verify and discuss it with you. It is possible for users less than 2 inches to use Jes Extender if a special custom part is used, and/or if the “fat pad” around the pubic region can be pushed in to achieve more penis length.



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