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How Does Jes Extender Work?


Jes Extender is a genuine medical grade device that men of all ages can use in the privacy of their own home to promote natural penis enlargement. It is a genuine class 1 device that has been successfully used for penile traction therapy (PTT). PTT studies have shown it may assist with Penile Curvature. Some PTT studies have also shown some men experience an improvement in their erection quality as a result of the therapy.

Jes Extender uses the scientific principle of applied traction which uses the human body’s capability to adapt and grow under regulated tension. The method of traction has extensively been used in the medical community for decades in areas such as physiotherapy, orthopedics, surgery and with techniques and devices to help bones lengthen, grow and straighten such as the Ilizarov apparatus.

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Genuine Penile Enhancement Products


The medical principle of traction has been proven time and again. The Jes Extender penis enlarger was first designed by a world renowned medical company in Denmark and has been used by men since 1994. However, due to so many poorly made imitations since Jes Extender was released, there can be confusion among Australian men who learn about using a penis traction device for penis enlargement. Many simply look for the cheapest device thinking “if it looks the same, it will do the same thing”. The decision to purchase a poor quality imitation can end up costing more in the long run and can also be risky in terms of potential side effects.

Many men fall for the hype of non proven products who sell their products with false claims such as “more tension for faster results”. In reality, there is a tension limit for comfortable and effective penis enlargement. The correct tension must be used or side effects and slow results can be experienced due to the penis tissues getting over stressed. Jes Extender functions in the comfortable and clinically tested range of 900 to 1500 grams (maximum 4000 grams) to help promote reliable and effective penile enhancement results.



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