Jes Extender vs Imitations

Jes Extender vs Imitations




Jes Extender is the first and original penis enlarger ever to be made. It was first invented in 1994 by a world renowned medical company in Denmark and later patented in 1995. The following is a technical explanation as to why you should be very careful about considering imitation products. If you are serious about safe penis enlargement, read on.



If you have done some research, perhaps you have seen some of the many imitations available on the internet. They almost always boast that their products are “better” because they offer higher tensions of around 2800 grams. If you have already parted with your money and fallen for the hype of these low grade products and downright dangerous companies, we suggest to try and recover your hard earned cash for the following reasons:


  • When undergoing scientific and clinical testing a maximum of 1500 grams was found to be the most effective tension for penis enlargement gains
  • When attempting to go beyond 1500 grams tension (especially in the early stages of treatment) significant discomfort or pain was observed in some patients
  • When attempting to go beyond 1500 grams tension, (especially in the early to mid stages of treatment) side effects such as slow growth was observed in most of the patients


Let’s consider some of the scientific and medical facts above:


  • First, there is a very well defined maximum tension for traction based penis enlargement method resulting from many clinical trials and scientific studies.
  • Second, for a beginner, if using past this safe recommended tension, they’ll most likely experience pain/discomfort and discontinue treatment as a result.
  • Third, we can say without a doubt when first using Jes Extender, LESS IS MORE. That is why we recommend to use at 900 grams for month 1 (first tension indicator), then to move up to 1200 grams for month 2 (second tension indicator) and if you feel the need, you can use at the maximum and safe medically rated tension of 1500 grams in month 3 onward (third tension indicator).


Anyone who has some knowledge on how the human body works or is familiar with any sort of strength or stamina training, will know the fact below to be 100% true and correct.



The human body grows and adapts safely and without side effects – if the method of training is slow and progressive. For example: Any “newbie” that gets into any physical sport, too hard and too fast, not only has bad form but they leave themselves open to all sorts of strains, pains and other unpleasant side effects such as downtime for injury recovery.


For the above reason, please do yourself a favour and do not fall for the hype of the imitations out there or their false “review sites” and other advertising tactics.



Jes Extender vs Imitations Conclusion


The studies conducted before the Jes Extender was released were very extensive and had to adhere to strict guidelines to ensure nobody purchasing the product would be put in harms way.

Most products out there are a 100% fraud! Most things like pills and imitation devices have simply used very creative advertising and hype tactics that FOOL the average man, because lets face it, the average man is very easily fooled. As much as we hate to say it, in our experience it is 100% true. If a company has claims of lets say a “penis enlargement product” yet can not show that their product has been through the necessary testing processes then what proof is there that the product works, OR that it’s effective to use? After all, isn’t the penis one of the MOST precious body parts we as men have? Why take a risk based on hype?

All the best,

Jes Extender Australia Team



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