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Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Impotence

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction or in short ED is the diagnosed medical condition of impotence. In short this means an inability to gain an erection without help of a penis pump or medication. This condition occurs in greater numbers in the aging population of Australian males but also interesting to note, it is highly reported by obese or largely overweight men.

It takes a healthy cardiovascular system and good blood pressure in order to avoid erection problems and help facilitate gaining an erection and because of this direct correlation many Cardiac specialists have linking impotence or erectile dysfunction with a poor overall cardiovascular system. So what it is with the older population and overweight men that cause this condition to greatly increase when it comes to their population types? Firstly, with most of the older generation, they simply do not do enough active activities or cardiovascular exercise and the same can most certainly be said of those men who are overweight and experiencing E.D.

What can they do about it? It’s quite simple, think of the entire circulatory system in the same light as that of a muscle. When you use it to full capacity, it becomes stronger. So it is with our Cardiovascular health, we must find constructive ways to implement high heart rate types of activities into our everyday life. Being “active” is certainly not enough, we have to find ways to really get the heart pumping in order to rejuvenate the health of our circulation system. More exercise, less sitting down and watching T.V.

The many men who we’ve helped over the years with this condition see the difference as night and day once they actually start doing some regular form of exercise. Over 70% are able to stop taking prescription medication, all simply because they choose to be more active and healthy, just the way nature intended. While the Jes Extender has proven to completely reverse some instances of Erectile dysfunction we would much rather suggest to consider and improved lifestyle rather than simply buying a product to “fix” the condition. After all, if we can cure something, it’s much better than having to treat it.

If you suffer from Erectile dysfunction or impotence, more regular exercise may be just what you need to overcome the condition, for good. Contact us if you’d like any specific tips or advice. If you have any current medical conditions, please remember to consult your Doctor or health care practitioner before undertaking any type of exercise regime.

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* Disclaimer: While many customers report seeing positive results within the first week, results can vary between individuals based on how much our products are used. A regular routine (i.e 1hr per day, 3 to 5 days per week) should be undertaken for similar results. Once your desired results have been achieved, simply stop using the product. All products we supply are 100% authentic and covered by a full 180 day manufacturer’s 200% refund guarantee.