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Peyronies Disease

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How Jes Extender Works


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Debunking Penis Enlargement Myths – MasterClass


Perhaps you’ve heard some product claims such as:

  • “X” product will increase circulation to the penis to make it bigger (pills)
  • “X” product will make micro tears to the penis to make it bigger (pumps)
  • “X” product will stretch the penis to make it bigger (imitation extenders)

The honest truth is, all such claims are nonsense because they are not based in science or fact. Below we apply simple reason and logic to debunk the hype and misleading information of products falsely being sold for penis enlargement.


Magic “Penis Enlargement” Pills

They’d have to be magic if they worked, but they don’t. Firstly and very easy to understand is, if popping pills and increasing circulation to the penis could make it bigger, viagra would be sold for penis enlargement. It’s the best pill in the word for increased circulation, but increased circulation can not make the penis grow. Not to mention the potential side effects of medications or other so called “male enhancement” pills, many of which contain toxic ingredients not printed on the label. Lastly, while there may be some decent all natural pills that can give better erections or increase sex drive etc. it’s important to note that pills are an ongoing cost and there’s no long term results.


Next we consider the ridiculous claim that using a pump to make “micro tears” is how a pump can enlarge the penis. Again, this is pure nonsense. The companies that hype up pumps with such claims clearly have no idea of the internal make up of the penile shaft, or they are simply using the analogy of lifting weights (which does actually cause micro tears). However using this pinch of truth and applying it to how pumps work is purely false. Have you ever seen or heard a bodybuilder putting his arms or legs into a giant pumping machine to grow bigger? We didn’t think so.

Muscle Anatomy vs Penis Anatomy

Contrary to popular belief the penis is not a muscle. It is mainly made up of spongy tissue and ligaments so to enlarge the penis a very precise method is required. Making “micro tears” to penile tissues will not make the penis grow, it will do nothing less than potentially damage the penis, and in extreme cases may cause penis curvature.

Temporary Results

Pumps are designed for men that can’t gain normal erections. When overused (over 3min of use) a process starts to occur where clear lymphatic fluid builds up under the penile skin causing puffiness and swelling. This effect while it may appeal to some men, gets reduced after a few hours. However overusing pumps can cause bruising, scarring, burst blood vessels and weak erections. In recent years there has been hype about water filled pumps, however there is no real difference between an air or water vacuum. To create the proper suction, water pump use means having to constantly shave the pubic hair and it can only be used in the bath or shower. But still, the best result will only be a temporary swelling effect. Do the temporary results outweigh the risks? We think not.

Imitation Penis Extenders

Jes Extender is the original penis extender and first penile traction device ever made. First released in 1994 there has since been many copy cat attempts and imitations. The main problems with these grey market fakes with fancy websites is the very low quality materials, non existent medical trials and improper tension calibration. A very precise amount of tension is required for effective penis enlargement, which we’ll go into next.

How Jes Extender Works

Jes Extender uses the tried, tested and well proven optimal tension range to do three main things. Firstly, there is a gentle warm up period which is very important for good overall end results. Secondly, it will apply just enough tension to comfortably and fully stretch the penis to its maximum. Thirdly, it will apply the optimal tension, while the penis is stretched to induce and trigger cellular multiplication. The third phase proper, will be entered into after about 1 month of regular use, however many of our customers report noticing a definite difference much before then.

Vital Importance of Optimal Tension

In the above simple explanation we do not describe any need for injuring or creating “micro tears”, and it’s not simply about stretching the penis either. If too much tension is used, the penis will only get stretched by about 0.5 inches max before actually adapting and “stiffening up” rather than remaining highly flexible as it should be. If this happens time off between anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks is sometimes needed before resuming use. 1500 grams is the utmost amount of tension that should ever be applied unless the penis girth is beyond 7 inches. Ironically if that was the case there would likely never be any need or want for penis enlargement. To see what a genuine 7 inch penis looks like click here. Again, unless you are packing something like that, there is absolutely no need, and in fact it’s detrimental and will slow progress if using use at beyond 1500 grams of tension for extended period of time. With Jes Extender there is no need to worry about overdoing it, simply use according to directions and slowly progress for the first month until comfortable enough to progress to the next tension level. We are always available 24/7 for help and advice.

For those that took the time to read the above, we hope you learnt something in our Debunking Penis Enlargement Myths Masterclass. For a very limited amount of units and for our MasterClass participants, we are offering a 10% money back (that’s up to $50 off) on any package. Once checkout is completed simply contact us and quote the code “Debunked10”.



Videos and Further Information


Jes Extender is the ONLY product that has obtained Australian TGA registration for penis enlargement. It’s scientifically designed and uses a clinically proven method to promote natural penis enlargement. It works using a medical principle which has been proven to be effective for many decades. The same principle when correctly applied can even be used to straighten and lengthen bones!

penile traction therapy BJJ quote

Jes Extender is an ultra high quality penis enlarger. It’s been scientifically calibrated to apply the clinically proven optimal tension to encourage effective natural cellular multiplication and growth within the penis. There is also a large body of evidence which shows the method also supports improvements in penis curvature correction and erection quality.

If videos below don’t play simply “allow”, install or update your version of adobe flash. More detailed information is available below the videos.



Jes Extender As Seen On TV


Real world Jes Extender review by National Geographic Journalist and BBC presenter Tim Shaw. His results were a half inch (1.25cm) increase in only two weeks*. To get an idea of what you can expect in 4 months click here (opens in new tab).

Jes Extender review image



Jes Extender as seen on the BBC’s Jonathan Ross show




Expert Urologist on Peyronie’s Disease


Renowned urologist reviews the advantages and disadvantages when using penile traction for Peyronie’s disease treatment



Advantages of penile traction for Peyronie’s:


  • Scientifically and clinically proven
  • Improvements in penile curvature
  • Improvements in “hourglass” or indentation
  • Increased penis size and length
  • No ongoing costs, one time purchase
  • Good value Peyronie’s disease treatment option
  • More use equals better results
  • Average increase of 1 to 2 inches in length
  • Noticeable increase in girth (thickness)
  • Negligible or no side effects
  • High patient satisfaction




Peyronie’s disease is a common condition affecting many men. There are multiple treatment options including watchful waiting, medications, injections, surgery but the penile traction device is certainly one effective treatment option” – Dr Neil Baum, Urologist, MD.



Jes Extender – Example of How to Use




Jes Extender Informational Video – Part 1



Jes Extender Informational Video – Part 2




High Quality, Scientific Design to Support Optimal Results


Jes Extender is easy to use. It assists enlargement of the penis by using the well proven scientific principal of traction and applies the most optimal tension for effective penis growth. The human body is highly adaptable and can change to overcome external stimuli. For example athletes, bodybuilders, UFC martial artists and gymnasts put themselves through routine training and their body uses it’s own natural ability to and adapt and grow which allows them to become faster, more flexible, bigger and stronger. The process of biological adaptation is how Jes Extender works, it assists the body to allow for the penis to grow naturally.



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Over 20 years of History


A picture speaks a thousand words. Check out our Jes Extender before and after pictures or our Australian TGA Registration certificate. Jes Extender is the only product to have gained Australia TGA certification for the purpose of enlarging the penis. It’s a very high quality class 1 medical grade penis enlarger that can be used in your own home without the need for medical supervision. To start as soon as tomorrow, go to our Secure Orders Page as we currently have a promotional sale on – discounted stock is almost sold out so be quick!



What Jes Extender Feels Like


When Jes Extender encourages new growth and enlargement of the penis, only a slight yet comfortable stretch is felt.


Most Effective Tension Levels


To assist the most optimal penis growth, simply use Jes Extender as directed between the medically tested and proven tensions of 900 to 1500 grams. Tension is increased in small increments as the penis grows. It’s all explained in the easy to understand DVD instructions or we can be contacted 24/7 for help and support.

The Jes Extender has the capability to exert over 4000 grams of traction, however, much scientific analysis and numerous clinical trials has shown beyond a doubt that tensions between 900 – 1500 grams are best to promote the most effective and optimal penis growth. The Jes Extender has been specially calibrated to these exact tensions to support the most optimal results. Click picture below for larger version.


penile traction optimal tension

Graph based on BJUI mulit-national clinical trial data showing optimal tension range of 900 to 1500 grams. Tensions above 1500 grams has shown to slow or stop penile growth altogether,while also increasing chances of injury and side effects.


Adjusting Tension and Comfort


The tension levels can be monitored in real time while using by observing the easy to view tension indicators. Tension and comfort levels can be adjusted in seconds if needed by simply using the easy screw adjustments with your fingers. Each package comes with easy to understand booklet instructions, online instructions and we’re here 24/7 for expert advice and support.



Jes Extender Gold Ultimate

(shown below)


Jes Extender is the only product that has been able to obtain genuine Australian TGA registration (197042) for the purpose of penis enlargement


Jes Extender Titanium

(shown below)

Jes Extender Titanium Information image



To compare all of our packages (currently on sale for a limited time) visit our secure orders page.



How Jes Extender Promotes Natural Penis Enlargement


Penis Length


The penis length of a man is largely decided by a ligament in the penis called the suspensory ligament, This ligament connects to the body at the pubic bone and attaches to the penis shaft. When flaccid and pulling the penis away from the body or when erect and if pushing the penis downwards, this ligament can be felt very easily.


Diagram showing the suspensory ligament's role in increasing penis length

Diagram showing the suspensory ligament’s role in increasing penis length


This ligament is the same that surgeons cut in penis enlargement surgery to increase penis length for the patient. The main aim in penis enlargement surgery is to encourage the ligament to heal in a lengthened state which allow more penis length to rest outside of the body once the patient has healed.

The way Jes Extender assists enlarging the penis naturally is to help slowly lengthen the suspensory ligament rather that to simply cut it. Jes Extender has been designed with very specific tension levels to support safe lengthening of the ligament. Penis length alone does not decide a man’s overall penis size so next we consider how Jes Extender can assist with increasing penis girth.


Penis Girth


Penis girth determines the overall thickness of a man’s penis. There are two chambers in the penis that fill up with blood when getting an erection. The capacity of these chambers is what gives a man his penis thickness. While using the Jes Extender Penis Enlarger, it supports a biological process of growth called cell division. “Cell division” means exactly that, cells get divided and multiply. This natural biological growth process helps support more overall volume of the specific body part i.e not simply a stretching of that body part.


Corpus cavernosum - the two chambers that determines a man's penis girth

Corpus cavernosum – the two chambers that determines a man’s penis girth



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How Penile Traction Can Assist Penile Curvature


What is Penile Curvature?


Penile curvature while quite common among Australian men, can become diagnosed as a medical condition if an abnormal curvature of the penis is observed with the characteristic of a 30 degree bend (or more). In most instances is not painful but in more rare cases it can be very uncomfortable. It can be an issue for some men in regards to urination, having sexual intercourse and other normal bodily functions that involve the penis.


Causes of Penile Curvature


To date, there is no definitive cause of Penis curvature but there are some factors that can be taken into consideration. The first factor is that some men are simply born with the condition. The second factor is that it can be brought on by a sudden injury to the penis. The third factor suggests that it can be induced by a more gradual injury or strain to the penis. For example, men who do a lot of cycling or driving can be susceptible to penis curvature due to their penile shaft always being “squashed” and under weight for prolonged periods. The latter factor can also include men who masturbate in unusual ways or who’s partner may twist or bend the penis while using it. Over many years these “slight injuries” can cause the penis to heal with a curve or bend in the penis shaft.


Diagram showing how plaque causes penis curvature

Diagram showing how plaque causes penis curvature


Please note: we ask all men who purchase Jes Extender to assist with penis curvature to consider if there are any of the above factors that may be playing a part in the condition. And if so, to take whatever counter measures they can so they are not taking “two steps forward and one step backwards” when using Jes Extender for penile traction therapy.


Penis Curvature Treatment


In many cases, if going to a Doctor for advice about penis curvature they have traditionally referred their patients to a surgeon for corrective surgery. However, it is important to be aware of other non-invasive options such as penile traction therapy which may assist in the treatment of Penis curvature. The cost is far lower than a surgical procedure and there’s no healing or down time like there is when undergoing surgery of the penis. In fact, many of our customers have had corrective surgery in previous years, only for the condition to return later on.


Peyronie's disease treatment using Jes Extender

Penis Curvature treatment using Jes Extender


Jes Extender assists in stretching and loosening up the plaque that can contribute to penis curvature. Once this is achieved, newer and straighter growth of the penile tissues may “take over” and assist the penis to remain and heal in a straighter position, thus supporting a reduction of penis curvature.



How Jes Extender May Assist Erection Quality


While Jes Extender and penile traction therapy (PTT) was not originally considered for the purpose of assisting erection quality issues, it was during other various clinical testing that this potential benefit was discovered. Many men when advancing in years can experience a reduction in erection quality and this can even lead to impotence or the medical diagnosis of Erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction

Using Jes Extender for penile traction therapy (PTT) can assist the body to adapt and multiply it’s cells within the penis which can support new penis growth. This new growth may also encompass the veins and arteries throughout the penis. Due to this method, it can be considered that everything within the penis may get assisted as a result of the cellular multiplication within the penile shaft.



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