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Penis Enlargement. Both Men and Women Say Yes!


What honest man doesn’t want a bigger penis? It is also believed that many women desire a larger penis in their mate and find it more attractive. So it’s only natural that penis size is something most Australian men have thought about at some stage in their life. There may be many male enhancement products that claim to increase penile length and thickness, however most products offer no proof to back the claims.

To give you an idea of the penis growth Jes Extender can promote, visit our Jes Extender Before and After Results page.

The following article explores a study of how 105 young Australian women rated attractiveness in males: Size Does Matter: Study Shows Women Judge Male Attractiveness by Penis Size



Jes Extender Penis Enlargement


Jes Extender is in a class of it’s own compared to any other penile enhancement product. Firstly, it’s hand-made with the highest quality medical grade materials. Each product is then hand assembled, fine tuned and tested by a world renowned medical company in Denmark. This manufacturing process and being able to prove it’s effectiveness based on medical documentation and testing is why Jes Extender is a genuine class 1 medical grade penile traction therapy (PTT) device. In numerous studies PTT has been shown to support many areas of penile enhancement such as; penis enlargement, penis curvature correction and erection quality*.

It is important to note if using penile traction therapy, a very specific and precise amount of traction must be used to encourage the most effective penis growth possible. The most proven and optimal tension range is between 900 to 1500 grams, anything outside of that range can result in slow penis growth and can increase the possibility of unwanted side effects. Click picture below for a larger view.


penile traction optimal tension

Graph based on BJUI mulit-national clinical trial data showing optimal tension range of 900 to 1500 grams. Tensions above 1500 grams has shown to slow or stop penile growth altogether,while also increasing chances of injury and side effects.


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Penis Enlargement Surgery


Phalloplasty or penile enlargement surgery can involve various techniques to increase penis size. Each surgical procedure can offer different results and potential risks or side effects. One of the most common surgical techniques to increase penis length is performed by making an incision in the suspensory ligament. This technique allows more of the internal penile shaft to rest outside of the body giving the appearance of a longer flaccid penis.


penis enlargement surgery example image

Surgical Procedure – Penis Enlargement Lengthening – Cutting Suspensory Ligament


Interestingly, the Jes Extender also encourages more length by slowly stretching the suspensory ligament.

There are also other surgical techniques to increase the the thickness of the penile shaft, which can involve dermal fat grafts or fat injections. These can be taken from areas such as the abdomen or buttocks and it is considered that some procedures can give better aesthetically pleasing results over others.

It is important to note that penis enlargement surgery in Australia can cost at least $3,000 and may not offer permanent penile enhancement results. Further consideration also should be taken regarding the possible risks and complications, which can even mean death in extreme cases. Click to read the following news article: Man dies after fat injection goes wrong.



Penis Enlargement Pills


So called penis enlargement pills and male enhancement supplements that promise a bigger penis are widely known as fake products. If any form of pill could enlarge the penis it would be patented as a medicine and Doctor’s would be prescribing them instead of recommending surgery. Biologically, body parts grow due to the programming of our genes or in reaction to external stimuli i.e lifting weights or other forms of conditioning.

If any website is selling male enhancement pills for penis enlargement, they should be able to provide some form of real proof the product works. How can the unsuspecting consumer know for himself if a product is legitimate before he buys it? Genuine products get trialed and properly tested so they can be legally sold. This data should be openly shown, or readily available to a customer upon request. The reason no company or website shows or gives this information is because they don’t have it, they only rely on false information and hype.


penis enlargement pills and tablets image

All pills sold for penis enlargement are fake



Penis Pumps for Penis Enlargement


Perhaps the second most well known falsity when it comes to growing a larger penis, is penis pumps. The misinformation we refer to relate to both the air and water type. Pumps were designed for men who have erection quality issues and for those who have been diagnosed with Erectile Dysfunction. The treatment usually consists of using the penis pump for a few minutes prior to sexual activity  to create a negative vacuum around the penis which draws blood into the penile chambers, thus creating an artificially produced erection. A restrictive ring is then placed around the base of the penis to keep the blood trapped.

When using a penis pump for prolonged periods it can start to drawn in lymphatic fluid underneath the skin which causes a temporary swelling. This swelling falsely causes some men to believe the pump is enlarging their penis. However after a few hours the swelling subsides and their penis is no “bigger” than it was originally.

Some last important warnings about overusing penis pumps is they have been shown to actually impair the body’s ability to maintain a healthy erection. A bit ironic when you consider they are normally used by men who can not gain a normal erection due to impotence. Other risk factors can involve burst blood vessels and permanent scarring of the skin which can leave dark patches of skin compared to the rest of the penis. If any product promises a bigger penis due to making “micro tears”, that information is completely false and it should be understood that penile injuries of that nature can actually cause penile curvature and in some cases Peyronie’s disease. There is no proof pumps can permanently increase the size of the penis, again all that is necessary would be to ask the seller for some form of concrete proof.


Penis pump example image

Penis Pumps Are Used For Erectile Dysfunction





While surgery has been proven to work for decades, results may not be permanent. Further, each surgical procedure comes with a large cost and serious potential risks of side effects. All male enhancement pills that are marketed to give a bigger penis are pure hype with nothing to back the claims. Penis pumps at best can only provide temporary results but also carry with them the possibility of unwanted side effects and injuries.



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