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Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Impotence


Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction or in short “ED”, is the diagnosed medical condition of impotence. This means an inability to gain a normal erection without a penis pump or medication. This condition occurs in greater numbers in the aging population of Australian males but also interesting to note, it is highly reported by obese or largely overweight men.

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To gain a strong erection, it takes a healthy cardiovascular system and good blood pressure. Because of this direct correlation, many Cardiac specialists have linked impotence and erectile dysfunction with a poor overall cardiovascular system. Some research even suggests there’s a connection between erectile dysfunction and heart disease and having ED could be considered an early warning sign of overall health.


Causes of Erectile Dysfunction


So why do many older and overweight Australians report having ED and impotence? Firstly, perhaps we should consider that with many of the older generation, they may simply not engage in enough physical activities or cardiovascular exercise “I’m too old for that”. The same may also be said of men who are overweight and experiencing ED. While there may be many possible factors, another important consideration would be dietary intake of proper food.


Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction


So what can Australian men who may have erectile dysfunction do promote a better cardiovascular system? It’s quite simple to consider, if the entire circulatory system is considered in the same light as a muscle. It should be clear to see that healthy circulatory systems need to be exercised to maintain a healthy level of operation. When it’s running at full capacity, it will try to become stronger. So it is with our Cardiovascular health. We should consider constructive ways to implement high heart rate types of activities into our everyday life. Being “active” is certainly not enough, we should consider to ways to really get the heart pumping in order to help the body rejuvenate the health of our circulation system. More exercise, less sitting down and watching T.V.

Many men have naturally helped themselves reduce ED effects by implementing more physical activity into their daily lives. Many men worldwide have reported they’ve stopped taking prescription medication because of lifestyle choices that include being more active and healthy, just the way nature intended. While penile traction has received some great feedback from men who have had Erectile dysfunction, we would much rather suggest to consider an improved lifestyle rather than simply buying a product or continually buying something to temporarily “fix” the condition.

If you suffer from Erectile dysfunction or impotence, you should consider talking with your health care provider about adding more regular exercise into your lifestyle to see if they suggest it may help with the condition. If you have any current medical conditions, please consult your Doctor or health care practitioner to whether they may be contributing to any unwanted effects and before undertaking any type of exercise regime.

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