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Erection Problems


Erection Problems

In an earlier article we discussed the medical condition of Erectile dysfunction. In this article we are going to explore some of the reasons men suffer from erection problems and what they may consider to naturally assist the condition.


Mental Stress


In today’s modern lifestyle, stress is one of the biggest factors men have to deal with. Many people don’t actually feel like their stressed but can not take up a simple past time like reading, meditation or anything else that involves concentration simply because their mind is preoccupied with everyday tasks that may or may not involve their normal working life. Other than physical factors, stress is the main reason Australian men can have erection problems.

Simply put, if we can not take 5 minutes out to relax, wind down and simply just be, without any nagging thoughts or feelings, then we are in a state of stress. Most of the time we instead turn to the T.V or newspaper to tune out, all the while we are receiving subliminal messages which further add to our already “overloaded” mental state. Whatever stresses we may have in our life, we should try to take time out of our usual schedules to devote time for relaxation of the mind and body. Sleep, T.V or some other occupying activity is not enough, we must mentally assert ourselves, we must demand of ourselves some specially devoted time to simply relax and to clear all thoughts and feelings during this time. For those interested to try this, meditation is one of the best activities you can learn to take up that helps with stress reduction. If stress is an underlying cause or factor relating to erectile dysfunction, meditation can really help with stress induced erection problems.


Loss of Sexual Drive


The loss of sexual drive is almost universally noted when it comes to men having erection problems. The reasons can be many but some of the main reasons for a loss of sexual drive, is lack of proper nutrition and lack of exercise.

If we have diets which are high in meat and dairy products we are effectively taxing the circulation system due to the deposits meat and dairy can leave behind such as cholesterol and calcium build up in the veins and arteries if the body. Other than diet and exercise of course one of the main contributing factors is natural aging. However, no matter what you eat or how old you are, you always have an opportunity to turn things around. Also available are natural herbs than have been proven to increase free testosterone levels which is largely linked to loss of sex drive in aging Australian males. For more information please contact us.


Watching Pornography


With the internet now being so widely used, the amount of pornography sites are many, to say the least. What’s wrong with a man who has a partner that doesn’t “put out” to go for a leisurely surf of the web should he feel the need?

The answer is varied, but in essence it’s not healthy for the relationship because the acts and appearances on pornography videos are done by very well paid actors. It is not real life. So if a man gets used to believing that pornography is real enough for him to expect the same acts or behavior from his wife, sadly he is delusional. She is not the one with the problem, he is. The energy that it took to look up and surf some pornography could have been easily put into his partner to make her feel loved and needed, even if he doesn’t “get lucky” from a few compliments or signs of affection, we urge this sensible man to continue with this extra effort and before he knows it, he will realise a truth that many men have no clue about. The more effort you put into your relationship, the more you will get back. The trick and key to it though, is learning to be this way without ever expecting anything in return. That way any return that is made, is most highly appreciated and felt from both partners.


Medication Side Effects


With the amount of medications Doctor’s are prescribing these days, there is an ever advancing amount of side effects that come with them. We highly suggest for any man with erection problems who is taking medication, to check the side effects of the medication they’re taking.

Due to the many inquiries we get, we’ve had many opportunities to look up the details of various medications and what we have found is seriously questionable at times. We’d like to remind anyone who may be reading this that a physicians first Hippocratic oath is to “do no harm”. Yet what can be read of some potential side effects of the medications we’ve studied there is some truly alarming trade offs that can possible arise, some even state Death as a potential side effect.

While we are not Physicians, we know many Doctor’s, GP’s and specialists such as Urologists and there opinions are divided about their own work colleagues. Most that we deal with a very responsible medical professionals, however there must be some that are not so great if they can prescribe without issue, medications that can have death as a potential side effect. Among that seriously mind boggling side effect one that we have seen often is Erectile dysfunction, in other words it’s the medical diagnosis of impotence and erections problems. Please check the side effects of all medication and if you should have issue with it, discuss with your Doctor some possible alternatives.


Physical Factors


There are physical factors like being overweight, unfit and natural aging that can contribute to erection problems. Quite simply, the body needs to have it’s circulation in great shape for a man to be able to achieve a rock hard erection. If we can only gain a semi erect penis it can be a early indication of more serious health issues such as Heart disease and diabetes.

Increasing fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet, taking up a regular exercise routine and just generally living a more health life can help alleviate and reverse erection problems, sometimes in as little as a few days. If you know you are not as healthy as you could be and you have erection problems, that is a potentially warning for you. Get healthy and you may just get good erections as a reward.


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