Jes Extender Minimum Requirements

Jes Extender Minimum Requirements


Jes Extender’s minimum requirements;


  • Users must be at least 18 years or older. There is no maximum age limit.
  • The flaccid/soft penis size must be able to stretch to at least 2 inches (5cm) in length, and/or;
  • Erect penis size must be at least 2 inches (5cm) in length

In simple terms the Jes Extender is suitable for men of all ages as long as they are at least 18 years old. The penis size must be able to stretch (when soft) to 2 inches (5cm) in length to use the device. If this measurement is unknown or not possible to do, if you know that your erect (hard) penis size is at least 2 inches (5cm) then you are suited to use any package.

If you have a stretched flaccid or erect penis size smaller than 5cm it may be possible you have a condition known as Micropenis or Microphallus. In such instances we can provide a special adapter that brings the device closer to the body. The cost is an additional $29.95 and must be requested by contacting us as it not normally included.



Where to next?

For video demonstrations of how the Jes Extender works to enlarge the penis and how it’s used please visit our Jes Extender video page.


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