January, 2016

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Penis Enlargement Pills and Tablets


Penis Enlargement Pills, Tablets and Supplements

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Do Penis Enlargement Pills and Tablets Work?


Below we’ll give you the truth about male enhancement pills and tablets being sold for penis enlargement and explain why they don’t work.



Why Review Penis Enlargement Pills and Tablets?


We chose to publish this due to enquiries such as: “are there any penis enlargement pills that actually work?”. We can say for sure and from experience that all pills and tablets that get sold for “penis enlargement” are fake. No website that sells pills for penis enlargement ever offers any genuine proof their products have been proven and tested to give real penis growth. They give lots of hype, but never any actual genuine proof.



Male Enhancement Pills and Tablets Benefits


The most benefit any pill can have for a man in terms of coming close to giving a bigger penis, is to help increase his erection quality. For men who can’t get a good erection, there’s an obvious loss in penis size too. For instance, instead of having a 100% rock hard erection and measuring say 6 inches, many men, will have an “ok” 80% erection and may only measure 5.5 inches. For this reason, some men think male enhancement pills do work, but in reality they are only maximising their erection quality. That’s not true penis enlargement.



Male Enhancement Pill Recommendation

If you are looking for a safe, 100% natural herbal pill that can help boost your erection quality and staying power in the bedroom, the only herbal supplement we recommend that’s made of top quality ingredients is a product called VigRX Plus. It’s been around for over 10 years and has been genuinely clinically trialed with very positive results. To read more about it’s benefits visit: VigRX Plus™ Official Site.



If Penis Enlargement Pills and Tablets Worked, We’d Sell Them!


We pride ourselves on providing quality penis enlargement products that genuinely work. That’s why we don’t sell pills, tablets or supplements for penis enlargement. Most of our customers have tried various things like pills and tablets before finding us so we get endless feedback on what male enhancement pills they’ve tried, how long they tried them for and the side effects experienced. Not one so called penis enlargement pill has ever been able to get proper approval or certification by governing health authorities such as the Australian TGA or U.S FDA. The reason is, to get genuine health approval, you have to be able to prove your product is safe, and actually works!

penis enlargement pills and tablets


If Pills and Tablets are Fake, How Do They Get Away With It?


The way most companies get around selling fake products such as pills and tablets for penis enlargement is by shutting down and re-opening under a different name once they get enough “heat” on them. Ron Jeremy and his fake pill review sites are a prime example of this. Companies and websites that scam people with male enhancement pills make huge amounts of money in very short amounts of time. This means they have the money to open up new companies, websites and have their bogus pills re-labelled and packaged under different brand names.

If you’ve researched penis enlargement for some time, you’ll notice how there seems to be new pill products about every 3 months or so, this is due to the above. Do not believe any review website that tries to convince you penis enlargement pills work. All you need to do is simply ask for some form of genuine proof. A refund guarantee (if genuine) is not proof! A product that has been properly proven with clinical testing will get properly approved and certified, that is genuine proof. It also shows the product is safe and effective for it’s intended purpose. Most “review sites” also sell the product or get commission by giving you a “discount code”. Any true review site should not be getting paid or sell the products they are reviewing.



Side Effects of Poorly Made Pills and Tablets


Most of the feedback we’ve had from customers who have tried penis enlargement pills and male enhancement supplements in the past report issues such as; big mood swings, lower quality (or no) erections when not taking the pills, headaches, diarrhea, hair loss, heart pain, blood pressure issues and dizziness. What’s worse, is that even if you do get some benefit from a pill or tablet, that benefit is lost once you stop taking them.

Very important to note is many male enhancement pills that get sold for penis enlargement come from China and do not list all of the active ingredients. What may be labelled as 100% all natural ingredients may actually have prescription only type medicines in them. These ingredients can be harmful or even fatal if taking by the wrong person.

Read more in this smh.com.au article; “what dodgy erectile dysfunction pills actually deliver can be serious health problems, even death”, Doctors warn of dangers of illicit erectile dysfunction pills.



Penis Enlargement Pills and Tablets Simply Don’t Work!


Let’s face it, if it were possible to enlarge just one body part like the penis, the companies that spend millions on research and development – such as pharmaceutical companies and those who make muscle and sporting supplements – would have definitely found something by now.

For instance; want your left bicep a bit bigger? Here, take a pill. Want your pecks bigger? Here you go, take a pill for that.

No pill, tablet or supplement works for penis enlargement, it’s simply not how the human body works.



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