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April, 2016

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Penis Enlargement Options

Genuine Methods for Penis Enlargement

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After being in the penis enlargement industry for many years we are sharing our knowledge about what true options men have for penis enlargement. We’ll also discuss the fake products and pure scams out there so you can be better informed. We’ll start with the fake products to avoid then move on to what does work.


Penis Enlargement Pills and Tablets – The Biggest Scam


The first fake product and pure scam is pills and tablets. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were possible? If it was, and the product was safe we’d be the first ones to sell it! Due to the way the body works, it’s impossible for any pill or tablet to enlarge the penis. It’s just not possible.

While we lose the ability to gain full erections as we age (usually due to poor diet and lack of exercise), some pills and natural ingredients can help us to regain rock hard erections again. However, many men get confused in thinking the pills are working to enlarge the penis when in reality all they are doing is helping to regain a full erection. As an analogy, if a balloon is only inflated to 80% of it’s capacity it’s not going to be as big or firm. So if we inflate that balloon to 100%, it’s going to seem bigger – but it’s not actually any bigger, it’s simply inflated to it’s full size.

Furthermore, many so called natural pills and tablets are made in China with very low manufacturing guidelines for health and safety, so it can be like playing a game of Russian roulette. Further to that, any positive effects from pills or tablets are lost once you stop buying them.



Low Quality Imitation Penis Extender Devices from USA and China


The second range of fake products are the poorly made penis extender imitations. Most of these devices, like the many pills and tablets available, are nothing but cheaply made products that originate from China. Sure, they may have a catchy name and fancy packaging that are being sold under some U.S and Canadian sites, but what’s the use if the design is not within safe medical guidelines to ensure precise specifications and to ensure safe operating guidelines for the end user? Furthermore, if the product is not actually made by a medical company how can you really trust it will deliver effective results? It is for this reason that no other product than Jes Extender has been registered with the Australian TGA for the purpose of penis enlargement.

In the numerous clinical trials and testing that were conducted before the official release of Jes Extender in 1995, it was found that there is only a very narrow range of comfortable and effective tension that should be used for penis enlargement, namely it is only between 900 to 1500 grams. Even then, there are specific times that are best to use different amounts of tension for optimal results.

So in reality, when all these imitations and copycats came out with their non approved and cheaply made products, they made a tremendously false assumption and truly show their lack of care and concern for their customers when they state unsubstantiated claims such as “higher tension equals better results”. Perhaps if they did the right thing and actually had their products clinically tested and trialed they would realise why their customers are getting slow to no results. There’s only so much the body can take before it decides to get strengthened rather than remain flexible.


Genuine Option #1 – Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis enlargement surgery has been practiced for quite some time now with most reports showing it’s been done since around the end of World War II. While we could do a big write up on the various penis enlargement surgery techniques being used today, we suggest for anyone truly interested to consider the following facts which are not disputed by most professionals.

The first fact to consider is cost, in certain procedures it can cost upwards of $8000 dollars.

The second fact to consider is results. Are there any guarantees in terms of what results are achievable?

The third fact to consider is safety. Is your safety guaranteed or is there risks involved? If so consider these carefully.

The fourth fact to consider is downtime. Most generally agree that you will need to abstain from any strenuous or sexual activity for 4 to 6 weeks, even then you need to take it easy.

The fifth fact to consider is that most highly regarded penis enlargement surgeons in Australia recommend Jes Extender to their patients to maximise results. Think on that for a second.

The last fact to consider is, a large amount of our customers have previously had penis enlargement surgery, yet were not completely happy with the results. So, instead of putting in a few months for the results they wanted with Jes Extender, they had to spend a huge amount of money to get quicker results, that they were still not happy with.


Genuine Option #2 – Jes Extender Penis Enlargement

Jes Extender naturally stimulates growth of the penile shaft both in penis length and girth (thickness)* by using the safe and well proven medical principle of traction. If any body part is under measured (but comfortable) stress for a long enough period, the cells of that body part will begin to divide & multiply in order to adapt. Using safe and proven tension ranges of between 900-1500 grams, is how Jes Extender promotes increases the length and size of penile tissues.*

All of our Jes Extender packages are covered under our manufacturer’s 200% money back guarantee. We also offer 100% money back offers for those willing to participate in our before and after pictures promotion.



Some of the many Jes Extender benefits:

  • No ongoing costs
  • Clinically tested and proven
  • Genuine, natural and reliable results
  • Assists increases in soft AND erect penis size*
  • Promotes penis length AND thickness*
  • Assists penis enlargement while sleeping *
  • 200% Manufacturer’s refund guarantee*
  • Use for as little as a few hours per week for results
  • Only Australian TGA Registered Penis Enlargement product (ARTG ID: 197042)
  • Many penis enhancement uses, can with assist; penis enlargement, penile curvature, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation*



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* Disclaimer: While many customers report seeing positive results within the first week, results can vary between individuals based on individual biological traits and how much our products are used. A regular routine (i.e 1 – 4hrs per day, 3 to 5 days per week) should be undertaken for optimal results. Once your desired results have been achieved, simply stop using the product. All products we supply are 100% authentic and covered by a full 180 day manufacturer’s 200% refund guarantee. Ensure a full understanding of instructions before use. If using for medical purposes and symptoms persist, please see your healthcare provider. Use only as directed.